Come With Me.

Let me take you somewhere; Come with me. It’s a place forgotten, unknown now, distant, lost – something we seem to be afraid of or even angry at – why? When did we stop hoping for something better? Was it when we realised that when we’re free from school, it doesn’t really get any easier? Or was it when we found that the world wasn’t quite as colourful…not so free…more linear and decided than we could ever have imagined? Or maybe it was when we saw that our right was only right when everyone else deemed it to be right, otherwise the mask of liberality is torn off; out comes the gnashing, screaming and twisted head of a system made to stifle and supress, buy and sell, live and die – when did we settle for that? Come with me.

Here; here we say what we mean with words we want to use with smiles we really have with warm hugs and sparkling eyes. No games designed to tear down or silence are played; we live with a genuine community of brothers and sisters.

Here we are free…

from noise without meaning and pain without healing.

from the pain of the shame of daring to show real and honest emotion.

from being told what to think, which well to drink.

I will not hide in riddle, what I say is here to see…that we are here for something more. All we must do is find the path, follow, and knock at the door. Come with me.

Here; here there’s no grotesque monuments to the evil and greed of the world, no money motivated destruction of our greatest wonder. Creation thrives; trees, flowers, animals, tradition…no longer torn asunder. Come with me. Here. There. Soon to be.


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