I want to live in a world which isn’t real,

A life which can’t exist, never has.

I’m drawn and attracted to a vision of it.

Now, I just feel I’ve got the wrong deal.

Here, the sun always beats gently down,

Warming my cheek and back, a glow.

The light gives a tint to everything,

The trees tall and bright, golden splashed ground.

Here, the sun never sets.

It is always the twilight hours;

Magic moments of half-light, cool breeze blows

The tall grass, gentle bird song makes darkness cower.

Here, the timorous trickle of water over stone

Adds to the timid talk of birds,

Beating their small chests, in defiance they roam.

My short sighs of breath, here, are barely heard.

Here, grass and leaves are deep green

Spring sprouts life indefinitely.

Shoots shout their colour, desperate to be seen,

All beauty, raucously on display, happy to be.

Here, a grey mist does not shroud my eyes,

I see full resolution, unaltered reality.

Paranoia does not painfully birth lies,

Anxiety does not cripple my ability to see.

See things for what they are;

Encounters aren’t forced or false,

I laugh loudly, smile widely; happiness not far.

Thoughts not penned in a dark house.

Life is as honey in my veins, flowing slow and steady.

Slow and steady, a rhythm.

Swelling and falling, my being blending with all.

Here; this is where I would live and die

Bear out burdens, build bonds of family.

Simply safe.


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